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Ruin (Vol 1)

Welcome to Ruin, a world with over 10,000 years of history. It is a world of extremes; Cannibals, vast deserts, brutal dictatorships, airships, landships, and more. Come and dive into this quickly expanding universe of fantasy, steampunk, scifi, and more. 

Come and read the journey of Jim, a less than successful trader and wanderer of the Great Dune Sea as he discovers a power within himself that few posses. 

As a member of the Authocracy family, Ruin is more than just a novel. It's a visual and audible experience. Virtually every page is filled with illustration that will fire the imagination. 

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Ruin (Vol II) Late 2022

For better or worse, Jim has joined Alia and her infamous airship, "The Liberator" as she plans their biggest raid yet. But all is not well aboard their ship. A spy is in their midst, and soon, he will strike. 

Come and continue the incredible illustrated journey through the land of Ruin as Jim and the others rise above the burning sands to discover a 10,000 year old secret that could rock the future of the sundered land.

The release date isn't set, but you can get an early peek at Vol 2 and 3 over at Mythrill.


Ruin (Vol II1) Late 2022

With the eternal mountains behind them and two warring empires below, Jim and friends must decide, will they stay above the clouds as war consumes the world, or will they make a stand?

Read on for the exciting conclusion of the first book that will throw the reader into a massive trench war between two bitter rivals and a battle that may determine the future freedom of all empires of Ruin.

The release date isn't set, but you can get an early peek at Vol 2 and 3 over at Mythrill.