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The land of Ruin is a brutal, harsh, and unforgiving desert with little water and even less kindness. Do not mistake its brutality for lack of life though. Thousands of traders and people from all walks of life travel its vast reaches looking to make their fortune in the trade of "black crystal" - the mineral that fuels everything from airships to, landships, to currency its self. There is even rumor of its awakened power properties.

Jim is just such a trader and has reached the end of a very bad run of luck. But, things are about to change for him. Ruin offers few second chances and he's not about to waste his.

This is Brandon's breakout novel, opening the door to the vast Ruin universe, which will soon see a board game release and possibly a PC game too! (Links forthcoming).

Digital Release - See links below the book cover to the left.

Paperback Release - Mid 2019 (Planned)

Secrets of Ruin (Book 2)

Jim, Alia, and the others continue their fight against the Prophetess. Their list of allies is narrowing. In every city, her agents are at work to capture them and put an end to their rebellious influences.

In the eastern desert, under thousands of years of sand and dust, an army is about to awaken. It could be Ruin's salvation... or its undoing.

Elsewhere, Jim and friends attempt a daring rescue that could earn them a much needed ally while Alia and the crew of the Liberator fight on to free as many as they can from the Prophetess' control. 

The forces of good and evil are gathering their armies, but as the fighting spreads and casualties mount, the lines between the two are becoming blurred. 

Digital Release - Mid 2019 (Planned)

Paperback Release - December 2019 (Planned)

Armies of Ruin (Book 3)

Mid 2020

Battle for Ruin (Book 4)

Tentative release - Late 2020

Ruin (Book 1)

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