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About the Author


I was born on a lovely Sunday on the 21st of July, 1985 in the small California town of Santa Maria. Nintendo had just released the NES and Reagan was a few years away from his "tear down this wall" speech. The cold war era was inching to a close and the information age was preparing to make its debut.

"He's going to be a football player!" my father exclaimed as he ran through the halls of Santa Maria General Hospital. He'd been so excited to be a father and even more to be a father of a boy. Already, he'd  planned my bright athletic future out.


Unfortunately for him, it became clear very early on that I was no athlete. A few ugly years of little league and failed attempts at winning school athletic trophies showed that I was not inclined in the physical arts. 

But, I sure loved to read and play video games.

By age 5, I was reading the classics like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Treasure Island, and one of my alltime favorites, The Time Machine. When I wasn't reading, I was sneaking off to friends' houses to play NES and SNES.

I started gaming toward the end of the arcade era and into the emergence of console and later PC games. The stories and worlds in them fascinated me. The time spanning epic of Chrono Trigger, the sand diving submarine of Xenogears, and the epic robots of the MechWarrior games. They all captured my imagination.

When my parents divorced around my twelfth birthday, I took it pretty hard. My coping method was to dive deeper into books and games. While it could be argued that this was not the right way to deal with emotional pain, it laid the foundations of my foray into writing. 

My love for this wonderful outlet of expression began with online blogging you know, back before everyone was doing it. As I aged, I began to contribute my more useful knowledge to places like Quora and LinkedIn. Some of my readers suggested that I take a leap into literary writing.


I took a chance.

In 2015, at thirty years old I dove headfirst into writing. A series of stories had been kicking around my head for years and had finally congealed into something resembling a solid plot and world. My initial attempt at writing "Ruin" was in the form of a young adult novel.

The first chapter was terrible. Truly. I quickly tossed it in the trash and gave up. You see, the problem with dreamers is, we love ideas but, we often lack motivation to implement them.


After a few months, I decided to give it another try.

"Ruin" was born. Taking some of the ideas from my awful first attempt and melding them with a tabletop RPG I was creating, I began to imagine up a world worth populating. Soon, I was ten chapters in. I sheepishly revealed my early chapters to a few third party readers. To my surprise, I was given very positive feedback.

Through 2017, many late nights after work were spent dreaming up Ruin and putting it to paper. Soon, I was done. Finally, I'd finished something instead of giving up on it as I'd so often done in the past. If I die tomorrow, I can say I left literature for the world to enjoy when I'm gone.

Here's to the future and all dreamers out there looking for their place in the world. 

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